Healing Thought by Jim Duncan

Healing Thought From The Strangest Places

James Duncan, CHt

While going through some of my mother’s belongings after her passing. In the corner of a closet, I discovered a cannonball. I had never seen it, it in spite of having helped her move twice. Why did my mother have this strange item? I found it interesting and strangely beautiful so I packed it with the things to keep and kept working.

The cannonball kept popping into my mind until I had the strange feeling that I should bring it into my office. Without any idea of where to put it or why I felt so strongly about it, I took it to my office and found the perfect location. The bottom shelf of my bookcase has a groove that runs its’ length. So, I placed the cannonball there and it gracefully rolled down the length of the shelf, touched the end and gently rolled back. Beautiful!

The next day, I had a client who was concerned that her mind could not do the work necessary to improve. We eventually began her trance work, when she suddenly said; I don’t think I can see how my mind can do this. I won’t get it.

The inspiration hit like a cannon shot! That’s perfectly alright for this moment, but if you could have a NEW moment to start from where you can see perfectly well, how your powerful mind can do exactly what you desire, then would you like that new moment? I got a nod.

In a moment I will ask you to open your eyes. Just opening your eyes carries you into the deepest relaxation you have ever enjoyed. This is when the new moment will begin and you embrace each and every suggestion you hear as absolute truth for your benefit.

I walked to my bookcase and crouched down by the shelf. Now take a comfortable breath and as you exhale open your eyes and look at the cannonball on my bookcase. When her eyes opened, your powerful mind is exactly like this cannonball. It is perfect in design and purpose, but absolutely useless until it is put in motion. When that happens though the results are breathtaking. I would even say the result of that motion is devastating… You know that when something is devastating there are two possible definitions, the one we commonly use – DESTRUCTION, but you now understand that the meaning in this new moment is the less common – OVERWHELMING and STUNNING, exactly as your powerful mind, when put in motion is overwhelming and stunning in its ability to achieve your desires. Now, if this cannonball, YOUR mind is so perfect and powerful and purposeful and stunningly overwhelming, how do you put it in motion to achieve all the things you desire? Simply with the very next comfortable deep breath that you take NOW. And as she took a deep breath I gave a nice blow of air at the cannonball and it gracefully rolled the length of the shelf, hit the end and came back to rest in it’s original place.

Now, your eyes close back down and you understand that it doesn’t take much to put this cannonball in motion just as it doesn’t take much to put your powerful mind in motion. It’s devastatingly beautiful how new moments can begin at any time, even right now…

Be always open to inspiration from strange places.

James Duncan, CHt

Certified Hypnotherapist ~ IMDHA Fellow
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