Finding Spiritual Peace by Jim Duncan

Finding Spiritual Peace

“trying too hard too hard to be spiritual is an expression of fear…thinking too much about interior peace, destroys interior peace. The patient who constantly checks his pulse, is not doing anything to get better.”

WORKING at something just draws attention to when we fall short of whatever it is we THINK the outcome should be, rather than enjoying what the reality of our successes.

Finding well-being, peace of mind or inner spirituality is not so much a path of process as many people think. It is just a path. And simply BEING on that path, enjoying the adventures of it, and learning, appreciating and adjusting what you need for THIS MOMENT is what allows someone to just BE on that path.

“Spiritual Enlightenment” is not so much a goal as it is an opportunity to take advantage of for our forward movement in life. So many people hold the belief that it takes a lifetime of whatever process to become “enlightened”, when in fact, it is the child who has done nothing, that is the enlightened one. They have not developed the limiting misperceptions yet to give weight to unimportant things or goals that are just facades for ego or fear.

So, try this reframing concept on YOUR path. From this moment forward, finish using the idea of “trying to find” spiritual peace. There really is no such thing as TRYING there is either doing or not doing. Trying is a meaningless word unless it is used to describe something being difficult or challenging. “Finding” too, is misleading to the deeper levels of awareness where our truth is housed, because rarely is the phrase used “I FIND”, which is definitive and in the present moment, but more often “to find”, which always places the goal in the future and Never quite attainable. So look at what we are saying… “In the future is spiritual peace”. Since what we say and think is the reality we create, you can see how this is detrimental to the goal we desire for ourselves.

So the way to begin reframing it is to change the concept to “I embrace opportunities for spiritual peace”. Embracing is universally perceived by humanity as beneficial. Opportunities place the value of the goal on a choice, which is yours to make about taking advantage of what is presented. “for spiritual peace” is forward moving and beneficial in concept, almost like a gift you give yourself.

A great way to move forward is to repeat the well known phrase, EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM BETTER AND BETTER, 10 times as soon as you wake up in the morning and again 10 times before you go to sleep. That simple phrase repeated on a daily basis can radically transform lives.

Enjoy the path by using the reframing of the “finding” concept and also repeat the “Every day I am better” phrase for 1 month and I can assure you that your experience will be a renewed outlook and spiritual peace of mind.

Many Blessings,

Jim Duncan