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How do you talk about Dis-Ease

How Do You Talk About Dis-Ease? By James Duncan, CHt © 2005 One of the most important factors in achieving wellness or creating and maintaining health is the way in which we think and talk about our health and the challenges we face in our health. Unfortunately so many people are completely unaware of how […]

Helping Phantom Limb Pain

Helping Phantom Limb Pain by Toni Ray Over the years scientists have noted many complaints of a strange form of pain called phantom limb pain. This pain is strange because it is located in an appendage that no longer exists. By many of the amputees the pain is described as totally unbearable. Phantom limb pain […]

Healing Thought by Jim Duncan

Healing Thought From The Strangest Places James Duncan, CHt While going through some of my mother’s belongings after her passing. In the corner of a closet, I discovered a cannonball. I had never seen it, it in spite of having helped her move twice. Why did my mother have this strange item? I found it […]

Fresh Face of Hypnosis

The fresh face of hypnosis: an old practice finds news uses – New Wisdom Better Homes & Gardens, Feb, 2004, by Debra Gordon Last year, Andrea Tickle was pregnant with her first child. To combat the pain of childbirth, she could have chosen an epidural or narcotics but decided, instead, on a drug-free approach. To […]

Finding Spiritual Peace by Jim Duncan

Finding Spiritual Peace “trying too hard too hard to be spiritual is an expression of fear…thinking too much about interior peace, destroys interior peace. The patient who constantly checks his pulse, is not doing anything to get better.” WORKING at something just draws attention to when we fall short of whatever it is we THINK […]

Explaining Hypnosis without Understanding it

Explaining Hypnosis without Understanding It By James W. Duncan, CHt © 2004 How does it work, this hypnosis thing? There are so many ways to attempt to explain the workings of the mind and yet no one really knows how it works. And hypnosis, well that is a whole other thing that is probably never […]

Entrancing News About Hypnosis

There’s Entrancing News About Hypnosis It’s gaining credibility as a treatment for a multitude of troubles, from nicotine addiction to post-traumatic stress disorder Hypnosis helped James Williams cut back on his drinking eight years ago. So when he developed a fear of flying after September 11, he again sought hypnotic relief. “I had always thought […]

Doctors Find recovery in Healing Trances

From the Los Angeles Times Hypnotic reach Doctors find recovery is aided by helping patients into healing trances. By Benedict Carey Times Staff Writer January 5, 2004 Hypnosis transports some people beyond serenity and absorption to a state of pure silliness. A solemn voice whispering to relax, breathe deeply and imagine a waterfall can bring […]

Chronic Pain to Discomfort by Fr. Martin Patton

Recent changes effective last January 1st (2001) are requiring hospitals and doctors to treat pain. New standards require that every patient’s pain be measured regularly from the time they check in and proper pain relief begun. The patients will rate their pain from zero, no pain, to 10, the worst pain imaginable. Physicians will prescribe […]

Body/Mind Connection by Anne Spencer

THE BODY/MIND CONNECTION: WHY HYPNOSIS IS THEIDEAL INTERVENTION   by Anne H. Spencer, Ph.D. Lilly Tomlin once said, “When I speak to God, they call it prayer. When God speaks to me, they call it schizophrenia!” A decade ago when I told clients that we could talk to their immune cells and make a change […]