Hi Scott,
Hopefully you remember me, I am that travel agent from last May – Anyway not a single cigarette since last may – almost a year!   yeah!! I refer you all over the place hopefully some have called you.  You are my hero! Yes not a single cigarette since last May.  We are almost at a year!  If I knew years ago – that there is no reason that when you stop it has to be hard  – non what-so-ever –I would have called you a long time ago ! – It really was easy, simple, and safe!  The absolute smartest choice I have ever made – ( both for my health and those around me ) ! You made all the difference in the world!
– Jody

I often stare at the elliptical machine in my living room. Actually, I stare through the elliptical machine in my living room, I know this is true because two nights ago I caught it with my foot and stubbed my little toe. Well, last night I stumbled onto a graceful use of your “Finding Balance” recorded session. Having a 2 year-old son and not a lot of time in the evening, I found myself wanting to both workout and relax.

I decided to do both. I loaded the “Finding Balance CD, put on my headphones and started to jog. I focused on your words. The dual induction is extremely effective in bypassing the critical mind.

While I was working-out I began to notice that I let-go of my usual thoughts. I didn’t notice pain in my left side. I didn’t notice shortness of breath, I didn’t watch the clock or calorie burner or the miles-per-hour gauge. I just ran and relaxed. Twenty- two minutes after I started I slowly stopped and realized I enjoyed the experience. I’m not sure why but I also felt a whole bunch more organized. I’m not sure what you said, your words went with me and I relaxed through the whole thing.

Thanks Scott,

– Dan Paris

Good morning, Scott,

I listened to the CD you gave me yesterday and it was AMAZING!  Just
exactly what I’ve been thinking, needing, looking for . . . . . I am  awakening a miracle within me.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful day,


I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of the problem I was in.  While
out in public I had experienced a severe neurological reaction to a
medication I had just started taking.  The experience was so intense that it
left me with a phobia about going out in public alone.  I went from being a
confident business executive to a woman who could not leave the house.

After one session with you I had complete and immediate relief from the
phobia.  When I left your office it was as if the phobia had never existed.
And the added bonus is that I’ve noticed other changes since the session.  I
have a greater sense of calmness and confidence, much better balance in my
life, and an insatiable desire to learn and grow.  What a blessing!

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Warmest regards,


I first came to Scott with severe panic disorder with agoraphobia.  I was having constant panic attacks, had been in and out of mental hospitals, was put on a plethora of medication, and had lost all hope.  Fear fully consumed me.  The world had become a dark and terrifying place that I wanted no part of.  It was hard enough to leave the house, much less be driven to his office as I couldn’t do it myself.  I’d been to literally dozens of therapists and psychiatrists in the past, all of whom failed miserably in their attempts to help me get some sort of peace.  My medication was reaching peak levels and I needed help.  So it was with trepidation that I tried to be open to the possibility that yet another therapist could possibly help me.  Every therapist in the past had said they would “try” to help me; and all fell short.  In our first session, Scott assured me that he could definitely help me.  This was the first time I’d ever heard anyone say anything like that to me.  I was filled with hope, yet extremely wary.  This didn’t seem to matter.  Scott came through on his promise tenfold.  He taught me skills I’d never learned before, discussed theories with me that I’d never explored, and tackled my panic with a personalized approach.  This was no textbook approach; it was tailored directly to me.  I feel I’ve now been given a whole new outlook on my anxiety and life in general.  Scott is a compassionate, empathetic, and most importantly, extremely effective therapist.  I have absolute confidence in his abilities, which was never remotely true with any other therapist in my life.  Scott is the most brilliant therapist I’ve seen; and one of the most caring people I’ve ever met.  I’m forever indebted to him for helping me reclaim my life.  And there is no doubt in my mind that he has, and will, help countless others.  I’m not the only one that’s had an amazing experience with Scott; I’m just one of the lucky ones that has had the completely awesome experience of being under his care.  Thank you Scott, for everything.  Mere words could never fully express my gratitude.

– Josh C.

Dear Scott:
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you SO much for working with me periodically this past year.  Between the sudden loss of my best friend, the sudden death of a second good friend and a variety of very stressful, what should have been “little things” – it was an extremely difficult year for me.  Between stress headaches, extra anxiety and more than 20 pounds of weight gain all of the “normal remedies,” including medication and therapy, frankly were not doing the trick by themselves.  And while I got great advice to meditate away my anxieties, I couldn’t calm myself enough to even attempt that.  While many people have tools to use in stressful situations, even the best of tools were challenged.

Your quick methods of progressive relaxation and your kind way about you helped me to trust who you are as a person and accept the very positive suggestions that you began giving me.  I’ve since learned to “compartmentalize” and old ways of doing things and move towards more effective and positive ways.  Also, because of your great “lessons,” I’ve been able to practice “self-hypnosis” with the aid of some CD’s, in between the times I’m able to see you for a catch up session.

Our mind plays amazing tricks on us and when our subconscious mind is in a relaxed state, it’s amazing how many positive things can happen.  I’m much more focused and able to get many more tasks done than I have been able to up until now.  I can visualize comments and other things that bothered me and sometimes almost incapacitated me as rolling off a “Teflon” shield.  And, most recently, I was able to calm myself and become much more relaxed during an uncomfortable dental exam.  What can I say, Scott – “You rock!”

Also, special thanks for volunteering with the wonderful children that I’m blessed to work with.  You are able to turn fear and pain into laughter and smiles and there is no greater gift than that.  For that matter, you were able to turn my pain and fear into laughter and smiles and with the year that just passed – that wasn’t an easy task!

Please keep up the wonderful work as a Hypnotherapist.  I think until you’ve actually been under hypnosis, you really don’t understand what it is and what it isn’t.  It takes a special person that you can trust to guide you through hypnosis and I am so grateful that I have been able to work with you Scott.

Best regards,

I am writing to say a big thank you for helping Margo.  She told me last night that she was pain free, which is the first time I have heard that statement from her in five years or maybe longer.  You are a miracle worker.

Feel free to use me as a reference any time.  And thank you, thank you for helping my daughter.
– Jim

Scott has been very influential in helping me conquer my dental problems…and I am a dentist!!

Hypnosis is really a way of saying “mind over matter”…  With help from Scott…I have retarded my gag reflex , reduced  facial muscle spasms, and alleviated other orthodontic and dental  issues.  He is a master of hypnotherapy for health care providers and a brilliant individual.  Let him help you today !

– Ann K. Tucker D.D.S.


From the Jan. 11, 2005 LA Times,

Columnist, Roy Rivenburg writes:
“At a lecture on pain control, hypnotist Scott Sandland demonstrated his method on the arthritic knee of Gwendolyn White, a 42-year-old Los Angeles woman who learned about the expo on the Internet. Sandland didn’t use a traditional hypnotic trance. Instead, as he touched various spots on White’s arm, he asked her to think of a happy time in her life, identify the color of an audience member’s sweater, count backward from five to one, and sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” At the end of the two-minute session, White said the pain from her rheumatoid arthritis virtually had disappeared.

Hours later, the knee still felt fine, she said.”